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When and how frequent should I hire professionals to clean my air ducts?

Air ducts provide a relevant contribution to the air we breathe, that is why keeping it fresh and hygienic at all times consequently affects your overall health. Due to busy schedules, errands inside your home, checking your ducts may be the least of your priority.

Over time, if you fail to address or check your ducts, chances are you might get sick due to unclean and musty-smelling air. Luckily, you can hire specialists these days who can help you mend and clean your duct system thoroughly!

But how frequent should you get your ducts cleaned? How do you know when you need it? This blog will completely answer these questions for you!

How frequent should I clean my ducts?

Your ducts are bound to collect a massive amount of dust even when it is built with the best filter for your vents because small particles may pass and through the filter and even enter the interiors of your ducts.

Do not misunderstand that just because you have filters in your ducts, it does not mean that you do not need periodic check-up and cleaning of your air ducts. Your duct system will gather dust whether you like it or not, especially when you are situated in high-pollution prone areas where there are a lot of renovations or constructions going on.

A duct system must be cleaned at least for every two to five years, but if you are starting to notice that your vents are malfunctioning, you might want to have it checked immediately. Proper replacement of filters must be planned so you can avoid drastic failures on your vents.

A single season is enough to gather up dirt and debris on your ducts, that is why it is always encouraged to seek help from experts so as to avoid inflicting further damage on your ducts.

When do I know if I need duct cleaning?

It does not take up much time to clean air ducts, but of course, meticulous dedication and attention in cleaning up your ducts are important to make sure that there is no residual dirt left inside your duct system.

One of the best times to get your ducts cleaned is during springtime or early fall – after using your HVAC to heat up and cool your premises and before using it again.

When you smell musty foul odour right after you open your duct system, that is one good indication that you might need to have it inspected immediately. The foul smell is a strong sign that there must be a lot of filth and debris inside your duct system. Get in touch for air duct cleaning Melbourne.

Knowing when and how frequent you need to clean your air ducts is important as it affects the electrical bills, your overall health, and the comfort you want inside your premises. Investing in a reputable company who provides the cleaning and repairing service for your ducts will surely be worth it!