Duct cleaning and sanitation services in Melbourne

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    High-quality duct cleaning in Melbourne at an affordable price

    Metro Duct Cleaning is a trusted firm in providing high-quality duct cleaning and sanitation services in Melbourne. Our certified practitioners can effectively eradicate dirt, grime, and dust particles from your duct system using the latest eco-friendly solutions and advanced equipment.

    Some of our specialised duct cleaning services in Melbourne include repairing ducts, duct mould removal, sanitation and deodorisation of ducts, return vent cleaning, and more!

    Your HVAC can get dirty and polluted, which results in unhealthy air you breathe. Our technicians work hard to achieve desirable results for both industrial and residential properties. Hire us for premium same-day services at an economical cost only!

    Industrial duct cleaning in Melbourne

    Our technicians are also adept in providing industrial duct cleaning services for the locals of Melbourne.

    Commercial premises can be exposed to many dirt, contamination, and pollution that may easily clog your ducts.

    Luckily, we can provide premium industrial duct cleaning and sanitising for the following properties:

    • Private businesses
    • Mall
    • Academic institutions
    • Health clinic and centres
    • Cafe, Restaurants, and Bars
    • And other commercial premises

    If you are a business owner who is looking for professional duct cleaning services in Melbourne, we are one of the best choices for you!

    Home duct cleaning service Melbourne

    Our services guarantee top-notch home duct cleaning service for the homeowners of Melbourne. We provide complete assistance to achieve a long-lasting life of your duct system. By using the updated cleaning equipment, we deliver safe and extensive execution of the cleaning process for an economical price.

    In addition to this, you and your family can also:

    • Minimises energy expenses
    • Improve the health of the household
    • Ensure a sanitary ducted system
    • Obtain hygienic breathing experience
    • Get safe and comfortable household

    The equipment we use for duct cleaning in Melbourne

    When conducting comprehensive duct cleaning services, safety is our number one priority because you can be susceptible to debris and chemicals.

    We use appropriate equipment in conducting a thorough cleaning like rubber handwear, efficient brushes, respirators, eye protection, full bodysuits with matching footwear covers to ensure 100% safety.

    Metro Duct Cleaning uses the latest technology to achieve dirt-free ducts. As innovation establishes better with time, we make sure that our experts are trained with the newest equipment to conduct excellent cleaning services without damaging your property. You can have the assurance that we can deliver the desired outcomes you are looking for.

    Specialised duct cleaning solutions for Melbourne

    Duct sanitisation and deodorisation

    We are qualified to perform duct sanitisation and deodorisation service for Melbourne residents to eradicate dirt and germs from your premises. Without proper maintenance, your duct can get contaminated, and pest infestation may develop, which results in infections and breathing problems.

    Duct sanitisation and deodorisation are amongst efficient and powerful strategies to improve your health and secure fresh air. Our practitioners are committed to ensuring top-notch results on the same day of your booking at an economical price.

    Duct repairs in Melbourne

    Our experienced technicians can deliver duct repair service for both residential and industrial companies. We have the correct equipment and expertise so that we can repair your ducts properly to look as good as new. We will reach your location within an hour after your booking is validated.

    Duct mould removal

    If you have not had appropriate cleaning for your ducts, moulds can be accumulated that can risk your health.

    We can sufficiently clean up all the mould from the duct and raise the efficiency of the duct system for a better living and cleaner air in Melbourne residential and commercial properties.

    Our practitioners can get rid of pet hair, dirt and debris from your duct completely. We can work on the same day of your booking at an affordable cost.

    Ducted heating unit

    Metro Duct Cleaning can deal with duct heating unit services for Melbourne residents at a low price. Duct heating makes it possible for individuals to stay comfortable and relaxed during winter seasons. We have specialists who can perform a step-by-step procedure to clean up air filters using sufficient air pressure and sanitising treatments with antimicrobial features.

    Return vent cleaning in Melbourne

    We can deliver a premium return vent cleaning at an affordable expense. Return vent cleaning is one of our preferred services with many happy and returning customers.

    With the help of the latest cleaning equipment and comprehensive cleaning approaches, we provide practical assistance for return vent cleaning that is 100% safe for the locals of Melbourne.

    Central ducted system cleaning in Melbourne

    You can clean your central ducts on your own; however, the reality is that you may not have completely eradicated the dirt in your central ducted system. That is why your duct needs appropriate cleaning by a well-known company who is known to be reliable and competent to perform the cleaning procedure for your central ducted system.

    With years of experience and updated knowledge in providing high-quality cleaning service, you can anticipate the remarkable outcomes for an affordable price. We aim to satisfy fast and top-notch services without reducing our efficiency.

    Carbon monoxide checkup in Melbourne

    Carbon monoxide gas is classified as an unsafe gas since house appliances like barbeque grills create it. Many have suffered from severe respiratory problems because of the lack of proper maintenance and cleaning of your ducts.

    So, hiring a competent company for carbon monoxide gas screening can efficiently help you with this problem.

    We use effective strategies for carbon monoxide gas inspection at the same time as the booking. With the help of our latest equipment and educated experts, you may expect desirable outcomes by the end of the procedure.

    Heater unit duct cleaning in Melbourne

    Heating units are very in-demand during winter seasons because it provides an excellent comfortable atmosphere for everyone. Cleaning your heating system, however, calls for proper understanding and proficiency to prevent damages to your heating units.

    We have numerous happy and returning clients that are pleased with our heating unit cleaning services for an affordable rate. Our qualified professionals act quickly without endangering high-quality service for you.

    Air duct cleaning

    Dust particles and debris can be accumulated in your HVAC system. This dirt is continuously being re-circulated to your space right into the air you breathe each time you activate your HVAC system.

    As licensed technicians with substantial understanding, we can provide outstanding and sought-for air duct cleaning in Melbourne. We are equipped with the updated treatments, making sure that your duct systems are cleaned inside out.

    Split system air conditioning cleaning

    No matter exactly how unpleasant the state of ducts are, we repair them to make your house safe and sound. Our professionals ensure efficient treatments for split system air conditioning cleaning.

    For a comprehensive way of cleaning it, our experts start decontaminating your air conditioning system immediately. We will examine your airflow to look for the dirt and debris that remain in the pipelines.

    Return air duct cleaning and repairs

    Duct pipes can get dirty and old which calls for immediate replacement or repair.

    Our specialists can conduct a full inspection and install new and high-quality duct pipes that are suitable for your industrial and residential properties.

    You can be confident with us because we are licensed and accredited to perform outstanding return air duct cleaning and repairs for an economical price only.

    Cooling vent cleaning

    Cooling vent serves an essential role in securing fresh and comfortable breathing air. So if you are having a hard time breathing correctly, a dusty cooling vent may be responsible for that.

    Metro Duct Cleaning has years of experience in cleaning and repairing cooling vents for homeowners and business owners in Melbourne. We make sure that our technicians are qualified and proficient skilled to conduct proper cooling vent replacement, repairs, and cleaning services. Our services are available on the same day of your booking with us.

    How do we clean your ducts?

    Our specialists adhere to significant sequential steps in performing duct cleaning to both industrial and residential locations:

    Thorough inspection

    We will investigate your ducts so we can have a complete understanding of what strategies to execute.

    Complete cleaning

    Our cleaning machines are safe to use and have a protective cloth to secure the duct.

    Full vacuum

    This stage is where we eliminate all types of dirt and colossal debris.

    Checking for faults

    Our team will extensively check for damage for us to repair.

    Sanitising and deodorising

    To ensure an antimicrobial environment and fresh air, we'll use sanitising spray treatments for a better quality of air.


    In this stage, we will inform our clients of the entire procedure and provide helpful tips to maintain the duct system properly.

    Certified professionals for cleaning ducts and vents in Melbourne

    Our specialists are committed to delivering the desired clean duct system in Melbourne.

    We provide our services on the same day of the booking. Every technician is licensed and holds enough expertise in conducting complete and dependable duct cleaning processes.

    Not only that we are knowledgeable, but they are also responsible, friendly, and fast-acting to provide first-class cleaning services for you!

    Emergency air duct system cleaning in Melbourne

    Air ducts are prone to obtaining endless dirt, moulds, mildew, grimes, and even pest infestation if not provided with the regular cleaning it deserves. Surely, you don’t want to inhale clouds of dirt released from your air duct system. But if you are having a hard time breathing, immediately call our specialists for emergency air duct cleaning in Melbourne!

    We value urgency and efficiency when it comes to delivering our duct cleaning services as this may greatly affect you and your loved ones’ health. Our experts will get to your place in an hour after you confirm your booking.

    Signs that cleaning of ducts system is necessary

    "When do I know I need a duct cleaning?" is one of the most frequent questions when it comes to proper cleaning and maintenance because many customers are hesitant whether they need the service or not.

    Ideally, you must get your ducts cleaned at least every three to five years, but if you experience the following inconveniences below, calling a reliable company is a smart way to resolve this efficiently:
    • Ducts have a foul smell
    • Pest infestation or intrusion inside your duct system
    • Respiratory problems such as coughing and asthma
    • Polluted couch and carpets
    • Mass production of carbon monoxide
    • Presence of debris

    If these problems started to arise, call us for our fast same-day service!

    Why choose us?

    Metro Duct Cleaning has been proven and tested to be dependable in providing outstanding duct cleaning company in Melbourne.

    • We use environmentally friendly chemicals for the cleaning procedure.
    • Licensed and educated technicians
    • We have years of expertise in cleaning ducts.
    • Use advanced technology and suitable approach for duct cleaning.
    • Meets consumer satisfaction every service.
    • Eradicates dirt, germs, and other air-borne irritants
    • Safe for every living being.
    • Dedicated professionals

    Same-day duct and vent cleaning Melbourne

    By hiring our fast same-day vent cleaning in Melbourne, we can guarantee to arrive at your property in one hour to thoroughly clean your air ducts effectively.

    We use the industry’s reliable organic spray treatments to combat foul odour from your ducts, and employ the latest machines to capture all dirt, grimes, and dust on your duct system.

    We take our job seriously and act fast to deliver first-class duct cleaning services without compromising our efficient serviceability.

    Our same-day duct cleaning in Melbourne is highly preferred for those requiring immediate attention to their vents and ducts. Our licensed technicians are highly proficient to provide you with 100% satisfaction.


    It provides you with numerous advantages. It lengthens the longevity of your HVAC aside from enhancing its performance. It also improves the circulation of air, eliminates fire risks, and produces high quality of air.

    Certainly, we do! We can even assist you during the holidays.

    You have come to the right company! Our certified experts can repair and enhance the efficiency of the motor, and its components.

    We are well recognised in all sorts of cleaning, sanitisation, and deodorisation services. Our certified specialists are distinguished to provide our customers with the finest quality and trustworthy services.

    Yes, we can. You can depend on us to check it out for you. Let us know so we can come to your house on time.