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Frequently Asked Questions

Getting professional help to clean your ducts impose a significant effect on your health and the air circulation inside your premises. Here are the following specific advantages of hiring experts to clean your ducts:

  • Improvement in airflow
  • Healthy and fresh breathing air
  • Reduction in the utility bills
  • Prevention to allergic reactions

Yes, it definitely has. Having your ducts cleaned periodically completely removes moulds, allergens, dust particles, and even bacteria that may re-circulate inside your premises. The contaminants inside your property can set off allergies and respiratory problems.

No. With the use of our powerful vacuums, we can absorb all the dirt and grimes from your duct system without getting your house filthy. Metro Duct Cleaning professionals are the ones you can count on as we are highly-trained and knowledgeable of the ductwork we provide.

Duct system should be cleaned at least twice a year to maintain a fresh and healthy air around your premises. However, if you are experiencing drastic respiratory problems, do not wait any longer to get your ducts cleaned immediately.

The answer varies depending on the problem and the amount of dirt your ducts gathered. Our specialists will make sure to act fast and clean your ducts efficiently without endangering our serviceability.

We are an established company in Melbourne with years of experience in providing comprehensive duct cleaning services to both commercial and domestic premises. Metro Duct Cleaning takes pride in being one of the reputable names in the industry with reasonably priced specialised services in duct cleaning.

Our licensed technicians hold complete technical knowledge in sanitising and deodorising ducts of every model. We are consistently striving and motivated to provide our customers with fast and excellent service through our same-day and emergency assistance.

There are a lot of underlying reasons as to why your air ducts are severely filthy. Your duct system is an excellent place for pest infestation and mould germination if not attended to regularly. Contaminants are collected and gathered into the motor fan which can be re-circulated on the air.

Metro Duct Cleaning specialists make sure to clean every nit and gritty of your duct system. We leave no marks of dirt, grimes, pests, and moulds behind to ensure that you breathe fresh and clean air inside your property.

Yes, we do. Metro Duct Cleaning guarantees to work hard until we meet 100% customer satisfaction. Many of our customers are very delighted by the end of the procedure. You can even ask us questions and raise your concerns in case you have doubts and complaints and we will immediately work on it.

Yes, we can! One of our specialised services is repairing ducts. We can mend and fix the leakage as soon as we have finished our thorough inspection. Supported by upgraded equipment and brand-new tools, we make sure to repair your ducts efficiently.

Yes, we do. Metro Duct Cleaning provides immediate emergency cleaning for your ducts. We are 24/7 available and work during weekends and holidays as well.

Yes, we absolutely can! We also offer commercial duct cleaning services in Melbourne. Our professionals are competent and experienced in cleaning ducts inside the industrial premises without making a significant disturbance during office hours.

We utilise powerful HEPA vacuums that are brand-new and upgraded to efficiently eradicate all the moulds, grimes, dirt, and even pests inside your ducts. Our technicians will also apply organic treatments to deodorise your duct system, so you breathe fresh and sanitary air inside your home or office.

Yes, we can! Metro Duct Cleaning can thoroughly sanitise your ducts effectively. All our sanitising treatments are nature-friendly and clinically proven safe to use without causing harm to all age groups and to your pets.

Yes. Our duct cleaning services are very affordable so you will not have to spend a lot of money to get your ducts cleaned professionally.

Yes, we are. All our experts are licensed and qualified to perform the duct cleaning job because we go through meticulous training and careful background checking. We are equipped with updated information and brand-new equipment to fulfil excellent duct cleaning service for the locals of Melbourne.

If you can move your valuables to a secure place to avoid significant interruption during the procedure, you may. But if you are having a hard time moving your belongings from one place to another, we can definitely assist you right away.