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Duct Repairs Melbourne

When you do not take care of your HVAC ductwork, it can impact the quality and efficiency of air in your house. Duct leaks also result in higher energy bills by up to 30%. We offer professional duct repair services in Melbourne that ensure all these issues are resolved for increased comfort and optimum indoor climate.

For duct repairs in Melbourne, we can provide you with several solutions including comprehensive duct servicing and repairs for all the major brands, including Fujitsu, Mitsubishi and Panasonic.

We use state-of-the-art tools and methods that allow quick and efficient completion of the job while ensuring high standards in workmanship. We also help you choose the correct solution for your duct repairs so that it meets your specific needs.

Our team of experienced technicians has repaired numerous duct systems throughout Melbourne and we can help make yours work like new again.

Ducted heating repairs & maintenance service in Melbourne

The duct system of your building could be damaged by fire or smoke. We provide repair services for the air conditioning systems in commercial buildings, restoring them to a pre-damage condition in no time.

Trust our professionals to quickly and efficiently repair any damage done to your ducts. Reach out today if you're looking for a professional service that provides top-notch quality repairs!

Signs that duct repair is needed

Numerous signs can indicate that you might need professional duct repairs for commercial or residential properties.

  • Inefficient ducts consume more energy than a properly functioning duct. We can help you if your current electricity bills seem higher than they were.
  • Although it is evident that you might have little dirt and dust in your home, a lot of it could be due to a faulty duct. Dust particles can get into the duct through holes or leaks and then spread throughout your home.
  • Your HVAC system may also be damaged by pests. Rodents and other pests can cause duct damage.
  • Your family starts experiencing respiratory or allergy issues.
  • You might notice one room is heating or cooling incorrectly. This is an indication that the duct needs to be cleaned or repaired.
  • You are experiencing mildew and mould in your home because of poor insulation. HVAC can lead to mould formation due to inconsistency between cooling and heating temperatures.
  • While your HVAC may make various noises while it is operating, this should also be assessed. Even if it does not produce a loud noise, your HVAC should be serviced.

Book your duct repairs in Melbourne today!

Don’t wait until your heating or cooling system is entirely unfunctional - reach out to our duct repair professionals now.

Duct repairs: The benefits

Duct repair has many benefits including:

Increased efficiency of the system

Leakages and holes in your ducts could cause heated or cool air to escape. These situations can be prevented by organising duct repair or replacement in Melbourne. This will increase system efficiency, and ensure that your building maintains the desired temperature.

Minimise energy expenses

Your heating and cooling system efficiency can be reduced by up to 30% if your ducts are leaky. Repairing ducts can improve the efficiency of your system and reduce energy costs. You can offset the cost with long-term energy savings.

Reduce future repairs

If your ducts are leaking or have holes, it will be more difficult for the system to keep indoor temperatures comfortable. These problems can lead to more costly repairs that people prefer not to pay for.

Improve indoor air quality

Indoor air quality can be significantly improved by replacing or repairing your ducts as necessary. You can eliminate dust, pollutants and allergens that may accumulate in ducts.

Smooth operations

Your ducts will deliver heat and cool air more efficiently once they are properly functioning. You will be able to keep your indoor temperature comfortable, even in extreme heat or cold. A well-designed, repaired and maintained duct system can allow you to reduce your size to better dehumidification.

Same day duct repair service Melbourne

Metro Same day Duct Repairs

We offer emergency and same day services throughout Melbourne. The duct repair services are performed by highly trained technicians. Our services are affordable and budget-friendly.

We send our professionals to your home within an hour. You can hire our team of duct repairers whenever you search for "Heating duct leakage repair near me" or "Air conditioning duct repair service in Melbourne".

We perform the following duct repair services in Melbourne

  • Floor Standing
  • Natural Gas Heating
  • Ducted Systems
  • Multi-Split Systems
  • Ceiling Cassettes
  • Split Wall Systems

Here's why you should trust our qualified duct-repair team

  • Melbourne's local experts for duct leakage repairs
  • Qualified and certified technicians for repairing ducts
  • Service and bookings are available the same day
  • Melbourne wide available - Northern Eastern, Western, Southern suburbs
  • We are available for all types of duct system repairs and replacements

What are the tasks of our certified technicians?

Metro Same day Duct Repairs
  • To assess your ductwork's condition and to take photographs of any damages, we start with an under-house duct or ceiling inspection.
  • Small repairs are often possible in an hour's time.
  • If the damage is more severe, our technician will give you a price quote and then we can arrange a date for our friendly team to complete the work.

Our Melbourne Duct Repair Process

We have the most qualified service team in Melbourne for all types of duct repairs. They are equipped with both relevant knowledge and the latest tools, guaranteeing that the duct will function at maximum efficiency.

Our procedure begins with an inspection of the duct system. This will determine if it has been properly installed.

The specialists inspect for perforations and holes as well as any parts that are not working properly.

We will begin the repairs by sealing any cracks and holes. Repairs and replacements are also done for any damaged parts.

We service and repair various brands

  • Brivis Heating & Cooling System
  • Volta Cooling System
  • Mitsubishi Heating & Cooling System
  • Lennox AirCon System
  • Panasonic Cooling & Heating System
  • Braemar Heating & Cooling System
  • Daikin Ducted Heating Systems
  • LG AirCon System
  • Bonaire Heating & Cooling System

Book your duct repairs in Melbourne today!

Don’t wait until your heating or cooling system is entirely unfunctional - reach out to our duct repair professionals now.

Why choose us?

You have many reasons to choose us for repairing duct leakage in Melbourne. We can help you if you have heating, cooling, or other issues with your ducts.Our goal is to quickly respond and to act swiftly to restore your ducts' optimal condition.

We are confident in our ability to meet all your needs. You can be sure to get the following services when you book your appointment for duct replacement or repair with Metro Duct Cleaning:

  • With over years of experience in commercial & residential duct repair in Melbourne and a vast network in the air conditioning industry, you know that we can be trusted.
  • Get your ducts inspected by one of the most qualified professionals in the industry
  • You can rest assured that we are fully covered with public liability insurance
  • Easy payment - We accept debit cards, credit cards and cash
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Cost of duct repair services in Melbourne

Duct repairing costs generally range from $350 up to $700. This isn't a fixed price. This depends on many aspects to consider, such as the type and extent of the damage, how it was done, what type of duct was used, and so forth.