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Coil Cleaning Meadow Heights

Cleaning your air conditioner is so easy. Just do it to keep the unit in ideal condition and also minimised energy costs.

Bear in mind that coils are always dirty since of dust, pollen, mould spores and pet dander. If you overlook them, they can develop into developments that block the airflow and trigger inefficient cooling or stop it from working entirely.

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That is why coil cleaning ought to be done every year. If your unit is outside, you will see the difference quicker due to the fact that it will get dirty quicker. You can clean an outdoor AC yourself or ask a certified air-conditioning professional to do it for you.

Indoor units are harder to clean than outdoor ones but it is still possible, particularly if you have a window-mounted or split system. You can employ an expert in Meadow Heights to clean it for you.

If you have not cleaned your coils, you may face the following issues:

  • Badly cooled spaces
  • Warm areas on walls, ceilings or floors
  • A unit that runs continuously or often cycles on and off
  • High energy bills

The factor why coils collect dirt is that they are made of metal. When ac system are running, the cooling agents inside the coils pull in warm indoor air while also pressing out hot air.

It is that basic principle that makes it difficult to rid the coils of dirt and debris.

Regular maintenance is the crucial to preventing dust, pollen, mould spores, and pet dander from building up on your air conditioner's coils.

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Here are 3 methods to keep your unit running efficiently:

  • Sweep the coils. You can do this with a broom or a long brush with soft bristles, but use caution when you remain in a confined space because breathing in too strongly could send unfiltered air through your lungs.
  • Vacuum your coils, have somebody help you from the exterior while you remain safe inside. If you do it by yourself, ensure you have an escape plan in case your vacuum all of a sudden runs out of power or you get plugged up.
  • Utilising the hose pipe accessory of your vacuum, goal for the coils and turn on the suction to pull any debris away. Keep doing this until there disappears dust entering the air cleaner unit.

How do we service coil cleaning in Meadow Heights?

Metro Duct Cleaning is among many prominent air conditioner provider to use coil cleaning in Meadow Heights Our specialists specialise in performing professional maintenance on your system to make it run fresh again.

We can likewise repair broken units, update your unit with an air cleanser, and install a dehumidifier for added convenience year-round. Our company believe in quality workmanship and fast, effective service at inexpensive rates.

Call us today to schedule your coil cleaning visit.

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Cost of coil cleaning in Meadow Heights

The cost of coil cleaning depends upon the size and kind of your unit. Our technicians will visit your home to do an extensive examination and offer you with a price quote, which you are under no responsibility to accept.

If you choose not to service your air conditioner now, at least clean its coils once a year so that they do not end up being clogged up.

Our procedure for coil cleaning in Meadow Heights

Our process ensures that your air conditioner is serviced and fixed by highly trained, knowledgeable professionals.

Before we begin, we use a moisture meter to inspect the humidity inside the unit. This helps us identify how much work it needs.

We then clear out all of the debris before checking and cleaning the coils. We also vacuum the unit and clear out or fix any elements that we find.

We then disinfect all of the surface areas using a sanitiser.

Afterwards, we carry out another series of tests to see how efficient your air conditioner runs. If there is anything else it requires, we return in and make the necessary repairs or installations.

Using a specialty cleaning machine, we finally clean the unit's air filter to remove any dust or contaminants.

We desire you to be totally satisfied with our services, so we ensure that your system is running at its peak performance prior to we leave.

You will more than happy to understand that our specialists are extremely trained and knowledgeable. Servicing your air conditioner is a breeze, so do not worry! Contact us today for coil cleaning in Meadow Heights.

We also provide coil cleaning in surrounding suburbs

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